Hugme Strength

Hugme Test

France Eco-Certificate 100% Organic Cotton top sheet

Compare to traditional chemical fiber surface or rough cotton surface, “HUGME” sanitary pad is made from 100 percent organic cotton top sheet that is softer, thinner and more comfortable on your skin.

Material Comfort – cotton cover

Hugme sanitary pads are made from special cotton cover sheets to provide clear air flow and odor free environment.

Many study has revealed that humidity level in that area of your body elevates to 85% or higher. This change could make the skin damp, tender and very sensitive.

Upmost importance, we care your comfort and ensure that there is no itchiness or irritation on your skin.

Achievement of best score (Excellent) in the unstimulated skin section in the Derma Test

The Derma Test is a world-class dermatological science laboratory (established in 1978) and is testing directly with human body instead of animal in order to proceed with the more in-depth verification.